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    Wildcat Sport Question

    Hey guys. I've been wanting a new side by side for about 4 years now and this time I have enough saved up to actually buy one. The wildcat sport caught my eye so I was wondering if any body had any seat time in one to give a good opinion about it. Also, I was wondering about the clutch system. Does it use a centrifical clutch to keep tension on the belt similar to Yamaha? I must admit, I'll miss the ol' 450 rhino. She's been bullet proof, but I need more speed. Thanks in advance.

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    yes it's a cvt system, kymco engine.
    I haven't heard of any problems with them

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    I have a 15 Sport Limited. Best bang for the buck if you ask me. I've only got about 60 miles on it. It seems to be well built. I don't think it will be near as tough as my Rhino was but I think it'll hold up. I am have a problem with the fuel pump though. I never shuts off with the key on and the engine not running. It started doing that after riding through some water so I think something electrical got messed up. I'll be taking it to dealer. I've only heard great reviews on Arctic Cat honoring their warranty. It looks like I'll get to see if that's true.

    I joined a wildcat forum as there's not much action in the arctic cat area here. There are a few things you may want to check out on a new one before taking off. One of them, which is recommended here to but I failed to do was use dielectric grease on all electrical connections. Had I done that, my fuel pump may have stayed working correctly. Also check the tightness of all the hose clamps.
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