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    Any problems or issues?

    Getting closer to pulling the trigger. How is the X4 holding up? Any problems or issues showing up or other concerns? I've hear complaints on the rear seats rattling when not occupied and some complaining about the seat belt re-tractors not pulling the belt back in. Not a big concern for me as I would probably put harnesses in anyways.
    2018 Blue Wolverine X4

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    Two things I would like to see are protectors for the coolant reservoir and master cylinder
    2018 Blue Wolverine X4

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    The current promotion is winch or extended warranty. If no problems then I'm going for the winch. Any feedback is appreciated.
    2018 Blue Wolverine X4

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    How much is the warranty?

    You can get a good 4000-4500# winch for $200ish.
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    24 months. Best I can tell it would be about $250 from online examples.
    2018 Blue Wolverine X4

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    Quote Originally Posted by therebel19 View Post
    Two things I would like to see are protectors for the coolant reservoir and master cylinder
    yeah those 2 things look like and accident waiting to happen but luckily i have had no issue with either one
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    No issues with mine yet..650 miles

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    Good to know. Judging from what I've read, you drive yours more aggressively than I will mine most of the time. In other words if its holding up for you, then I shouldn't have any problems. That's good because we lost our local Yamaha dealership and it would be over 50 miles if I ever did need warranty work. I'll take the winch and continue to fix my own stuff if I can.
    2018 Blue Wolverine X4

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