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    Q in going to a a

    Was considering a tire / wheel change and wonder if that is compatible with my current setup which is as follows:
    17 viking eps
    Slugged WC
    Ext sheave kit and purple spring
    Current tires 28x9.5x12 outlaws (originals) which weigh 34lbs ea on OEM wheels

    The tires / wheels Im considering are interforce 30x10x14 which weigh 41lbs ea on an sti alum wheel

    Would this change be fine or would I need to change something. In ur opinion would I exp a significant perf loss? I don't really want.to go to 30s but I do like thus tire and they dont make it in a 28" but they do make it in an 8" wide which weighs the same as my outlaws... Not sure id like the 8" wide look though. Thanks for the input
    2017 Yamaha Viking EPS
    2" lift
    28X9.50X12 Outlaws

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    Title should have read Q on going to larger tire with extreme sheave
    2017 Yamaha Viking EPS
    2" lift
    28X9.50X12 Outlaws

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    I am running 29.5x10x12 terminators which weigh 41lbs a piece. I have 2014 viking with extreme sheave, 16gr weights, slugged wet clutch, and purple spring. The combination works great.


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