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    Seeking help!, do I have a problem?

    Hello from north Florida, I'm new to the forums.
    I'd appreciate some feedback/help/advice after finishing up my Sheave kit/MSD install.

    I have a 2008 Yamaha Rhino 700 Midnight Armor SE, I bought it new in '08 and have not done much performance wise other than adding 27'' Swamp Lites. Like this it would hit 41 MPH on the dash at the limiter on flat ground.
    just in case any of these matter, here are the other mods/accessories from stock:

    Front: 27x9x14 Interco Swamp Lites.

    Rear: 27x11x14 Interco Swamp Lites.

    Factory recall to remove sway bar.

    Factory recall to add wheel spacers.

    Full Windshield

    LED off road lights, Radio, Speaker Bar, Winch, Aluminum Gun Rack across rear cage, Plastic Tool Box in bed,

    STOCK everything else.

    I ran the above for years without problems.

    I recently decided to add some more upgrades and after I got them all on I can't help but feel something is wrong. The performance gains just are not there.
    Here are my new mods:

    K&N Air Filter with pre filter. (OEM air box, just filter upgrade)

    2'' Rubber Down Customs lift kit. (had to cut right rear frame and weld in pipe to keep axle from rubbing)

    UTV INC bolt on Read diff gusset.

    30x10x14 interco sniper 920s on 14'' STI HD7 wheels. (all four the same)

    Custom Siphon Break I rigged up. (capped air box side)

    Wet clutch slug kit. (KMS)

    JBS Hot Rod Extreme Sheave kit, with new fixed sheave, new cam plate/sliders, and belt, 16 gram OD weights, Gold Secondary Spring.

    MSD Charge FI 4245.

    I changed the engine oil (Yamalube), front and rear diff oil (Amsoil UTV Diff fluid).

    So after getting everything installed I take it for the first test drive. wouldn't go over 24-25MPH. Remembered several posts with same problem, take the primary back off and I had the weights in wrong, corrected them and reinstalled the primary.

    Second test drive: MSD 0 (stock setting, 41MPH/6500RPM) I get to 29 MPH and hit a limiter. This was not expected, I expected to hit 41 MPH at the limiter like before the new mods. Anyone have experience running 30" tires?

    Third test drive: MSD 1 (50MPH/8000RPM) I go over 30 MPH, 35ish, just checking for a difference from the stock tune.

    Fourth test drive: MSD 1 (50/8000RPM) I try to see what my top speed is now, I was only able to get the dash to say 43 or 44 MPH (GPS said 45) going down hill, but never hit a limiter. It felt like it was reaching its top speed,last few mph were slow to gain, possible it could of went a little more but I ran out of road (in neighborhood). I expected the larger tires to rob some performance, but with my mods I thought 50 MPH should be easy to attain.

    Fifth test drive: MSD 1 (50/8000RPM) I put my old wheels/tires on. 27" (~25"ish actual) Swamp Lites. Same run as #4, dash speed matches GPS and reads 45 MPH, no limiters hit.

    This is where I'm at now.

    The MSD Charge Fi 4245 only has one tune programmed other than stock. Iv never had an MSD or done any tuning so I have not made any custom changes yet. Does it sound like I just need to get it tuned to my Rhino?

    While researching which mods/companies to go with, JBS was easily the best for performance/quality. Several people claiming after the sheave/msd '' It was a whole new machine ''. I cannot say the same thing at this time, I gained 4 MPH downhill.... something can't be right?

    I have not opened it back up, as I am not sure of what to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    i need pics as you take it apart...we will check the clutching first and then a few other things...cant run stock rpms with lighter weights and heivier springs...wont work...but you still got issues somewhere
    James Davis
    If you have questions call me!!!
    Check out our web http://www.jbshotrodperformance.com/
    Email to - jamesbodyshop@hotmail.com
    Ship to - 131 Davis Ct., Mt. Hope, WV 25880

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    You are checking speed with gps that's good. The Swamp Lites you were running weigh 26 lbs front and 30 lbs rear. The Interco Snipers you have now weigh 46 lbs each, that's a huge weight increase. They are also larger diameter which effectively changes your gearing. A performance decrease is inevitable. You do have the best sheave available. James will help you get it sorted to get all you can from what you have.
    Oh, and welcome to the forum!

    White Shadow " Wolverine
    JBS Extreme Sheave Racing Series
    16 gram o.d., purple spring (thanks James)
    JBS Custom Roll Cage
    Eagle Eye HID Headlights (
    thanks James)
    JBS Suspension Springs
    Totron LED Light Bar (
    thanks Hump)
    JBS Doors
    YXZ1000R seats (thanks Jody)
    YXZ1000R steering wheel (thanks James)
    JBS Radiator Guards

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    Simply put, the engine eventually runs out of power no matter what you do. I would think getting the the same speeds with 30" tires vs 27" is a huge improvement. But definitely double check everything. James will hook you up

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    Howard, PA
    Maybe to much grease in the sheave. Common mistake

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    Dec 2013
    How many hours/miles? can you do a compression check? Not so sure about the K&N choking the breathing vs a NoToil or UNI, K&N not popular with many for off-road use. Change filter back to stock and make a couple runs for comparison. Is the top speed you are listing in H? or L? if in H then let us know what it is in L. The 30" tires will definitely affect the top speed as it runs out of torque to turn them. Don't know the advantage of the MSD for you other than rev limit but you might chat with James on timing. What kind of gas you using and when last new plug install?
    2016 Wolverine R-Spec EPS, Camo, fender ext. 4000 Moto winch w/syn rope, 14"Method B-locks, 27" Maxxis Vipr 9 & 11's, Full flip windshield, A-arm guards, 2 batts, JBS CVT grind, 16 OD, slugs, purple (all stock- Rhino is still faster)
    08 Rhino 700 SE Black Armor, JBS 734 (bbk w/Carillo crank & rod, CP 11:1, deshrouded valves, Raptor springs, Viking cam & FI, MSD, afr Gauge, Unleashed sheave w/JBS OD 18g greased, Purple, slugs, 27" Mudlite XTRs , 6" Chopped , Mishi Rad, ALBA exhaust

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    Apr 2015
    Northern Tip of WV
    Welcome to the Forum! Those 30s are almost double the weight! Big Power Robber!
    06 Rhino 686 s/e blue, 11:1 piston, stage 1 hot cam, raptor springs, JBS sheave and clutching, cmf 2" lift, alum air box, exhaust tip, dial a jet, j strong roof, ride on dust shield, power steering, Stage 5 Elka's riding on 28" 11 14 mega mayhems all around on sti hd3 wheels, hp cooling fan, 3500# winch, 32" led light bar and stuff!

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    Hey guys, I took it back apart today and took lots of pictures and some video. the wet clutch is still installed, I need to get another gasket before I pull it off again. Primary and secondary are off.

    jimclemjr, the test runs were all done in high, I took it back apart before I read your post so cant run it in low to say. Odo reads 1122 194.9 hours. Not sure when the plug was last changed, 3 years? as for the gas, last few tanks were non ethanol boat fuel, not sure on the octane rating. My air filter was overdue for a change and was a gooey mess that fell apart pulling it out, one reason I went with the K&N. I did not notice any changes just from changing air filters.

    buckg2, very good possibility I over greased it, I went with the thought more is better than less when doing it. should be able to tell from the pictures.

    Timmi, interco makes 2 different tires with sniper in the name. mine are the less aggressive ones (920's). they are listed as 35lbs for my size and my swamp lites were 27lbs/31lbs ft/rear. just putting them on and off I cant really tell a weight difference. so not as dramatic of a change as their other ''snipers''

    going to post some pictures and videos when they finish uploading.

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    Here are some of the pictures, not sure what specifically you need to look at, tell me and I probably took a picture of it. I did notice the shaft that goes into the wet clutch has a small amount of in and out play. ill upload a video when I figure out how to post them

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Primary open 1.jpg 
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ID:	12997

    Primary opened up.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Close up of secondary and belt..jpg 
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Size:	35.7 KB 
ID:	12998

    Belt sitting above secondary, parked in neutral and taped the gas before shutting it off.


    took 2 weights out to show underneath.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Primary + 2 weights removed.jpg 
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Size:	45.0 KB 
ID:	13000

    last picture is before I loosened the primary nut, not sure how much thread should be visible there?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Primary thread close up tight.jpg 
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Size:	38.3 KB 
ID:	12999  

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    the play in the primary/wet clutch shaft

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