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Thread: Kodiak 700 mods

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    Kodiak 700 mods

    Hello, scott here, i have 2018 kokiak 700. Thinkin about doin some mods : Barkers 1 into 2 dual pipe. Ehs tuner, airbox mod, then i started lookin at jbs sheave mod, now i am wondering if i need to do the pipe and tuner mod. Can anyone help with some advice and experience with such things.

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    Definitely do the JBS clutch kit first, that will get all your power to the wheels. Barkers is very loud, if you are ok with that, and with fuel programmers, you need a good fuel map. Call James at JBS, 304-673-2602 M-F 10-6
    He can advise you on options depending on what mods you want and your riding style.

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