The Overlander is a 5×7-inch; water-, dust- and shock-proof; Android-based tablet with full GPS functions and a super-strong magnetic mounting system. We used a Ram mount to attach it to the passenger grab handle on a few different cars for the test. It powers up using a micro-USB cord connected to any 12-volt power supply or 110-volt outlet.
Within one of two different main screens, you can either follow an uploaded route or previously traveled track, or make a new one. These tracks can be colored, modified and shared via micro-SD card or among friends using the Garmin Connect app.
On the other main screen, you can let the Overlander lead you with full turn-by-turn directions to a searched-out location found in the huge catalog of destinations, including campgrounds, gas stations, hotels, stores and other locations. You can track your activity in the “Drive” screen as well.
A handful of sub-screen sections will also let you search destinations, record your track, or display info such as altitude, barometer, headings and vehicle info like pitch and roll. Within the pitch-and-roll section, you can set the device to warn you if things are getting beyond your vehicle’s limits or driving skill level.


PRICE: $699.99