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    2006 660 Rhino Engine rebuild

    Bought 1st Rhino, not running, Nice with many upgrades.
    The Oil pump, sprocket and chain were broken, looks like the back side of pump blew out,
    *The big starter gear behind flywheel is bent,looks like something hit behind it, maybe the broken oil pump gear or chain.
    (Hopefully it did not damage crank shaft?
    *The timing chain was intact, but came off the gear.
    *the Weisco 11-1 Piston is damaged, , looks like it may have over-heated? or had some debris which chipped off edge of piston? It has brown discoloration under the top of piston,(I don't know if the piston damage is related to the oil pump failure? Maybe he ran it with oil pump broken for a time? and it caused piston damage from over heating?) The previous owner did not know it was an 11.1 piston, he did not run any special gas in it.. maybe just standard gas?
    I measured the top of piston is 98.96 mm Piston bore is 99.93 mm (does this indicate this is standard bore?)

    It has is a Hot Cam Stage 1, There are slight scuffs on top of cam lobes, not deep scratches.

    Crank arm is Hot Rod, HR 613 Don't know if it is just a Hot Rod "Connecting Rod Kit" on a stock crank? or if it is complete Hot Rod Crank (maybe I can determine when I split engine next week?)
    *crank has some blue discoloration.. Is this significant if the whole Crank is Hot brand? Or Stock?

    Cylinder has casting stamps 3yf 659cm But has an engraving which is "5R1" Do not know if that means anything? It appears to be a Yamaha OEM?
    As far as I know it is not a big bore based upon measurements I included above?

    Top end looks fine.. maybe a small pitting on it near valves ? (see pic)
    I will have the engine fully split maybe Friday as I am waiting for Flywheel puller in the mail.
    will consider upgrading where commonly advised, possibly have machine shop weld the pieces recommended.
    Anybody have any parts for my rebuild? or recommendations?
    I guess I might consider purchasing a used or rebuilt engine, prefer local, I am in Western Washington, anybody? Or contacts here?
    but would consider shipping if a trusted long time member & or the price was right.. to make it worthwhile.. as opposed to me just rebuilding myself?
    or finally, is there anyone that works on these that is in Washington State ?
    I feel me and a friend are capable to put it back together, besides the welds, good machine shop and parts recommended on several posts, does someone have a list of most common things people need to know & remember if we reassemble?

    Feel free to text me too 206-485-1891 with parts (text free line)

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    those numbers seem like Yamaha XT 500 numbers to me. call James 304-673-2602 eastern time 10-6. he may have the parts you need

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