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    19 X2 Coolant Leak

    So, since I've had my X2 I've noticed a slow decline in coolant level. Never had a puddle or sweet burning smell, never noticed any weeping on the skid plates. I kept an eye on it, topped it off, chalked it up to an oversight on the assembly line and burped it myself. Still had a loss of coolant. I was concerned I had a head gasket issue. Yesterday after I changed the oil and let it run for a bit I noticed a puddle. I topped off the resi and checked the radiator, which was low, topped it off too. Still had a leak. Checked all the connections up front....good to go. Checked at the water pump and low and behold some shitpickle in Newnan decided it would be a good idea to NOT slide up the hose clamp over the pump inlet. It was literally tightened around the damn hose only!!!! I know it was there from the factory because when I moved it, the rubber was CLEAN!!!! Next oil change I will be taking the seat out, panels off, and sliding the gas tank out of the way so I can bottom out the hose on the mouth of the pump.....looks like its only on there a half inch or so.
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    wow quality control
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