US Forest Service Offers a Powerful Trail Mapping Site

Plan your next ride with the US Forest Serviceís powerful interactive website.

No matter where you live, this site can help you plan your next adventure.


The US Forest Service now offers an online interactive mapping tool for outdoor enthusiasts looking to research their next trip through managed land. Itís packed with helpful features for anyone looking to utilize the areas of our country that our tax dollars help support. From hiking and camping to OHV use, this interactive mapping tool should probably be part of your next tripís planning process.
Users can quickly filter down to find color-coded trails that fit their use case in the area they want to explore. The Forest Service website breaks down side-by-side use into OHVs greater than 50 inches and OHVs less than 50 inches to quickly let you plan the best routes on your next adventure. It doesnít stop there. Users can also stack different information layers on top of a variety of different types of maps. For example, you can place recent Twitter posts on top of satellite imagery, current weather warnings on top of US topographic maps, or any combination thereof. That means youíre guaranteed to have the most up-to-date information available before you go.

Mapping filter options let you customize the information you need.


Once youíre done drilling down to the trails you plan to tackle, the website offers the ability to export your routes the old-fashioned way through social media or physical website links that you can share. It doesnít stop there. You can also export a copy of your current screen, with a handy map legend, straight to PDF and save it to your local device for printing hard copies.

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this powerful tool on your next UTV adventure.

Mapping export options keep you informed even when cell service isnít available.