I recently installed the MelloFAB 2-in-1 cooling kit, oil pressure kit, and parking brake kit on my new to me 2017 Wolverine R-Spec SE. The fan comes on at 179F degrees instead of the factory 205F degrees. This keeps the engine running much cooler! I had already had the SPAL fan on mine, because the stock fan had previously failed. The SPAL fan will move more air than the stock fan as well. Here is a picture of my dash with the Water Temp gauge and the Oil Pressure gauge. These gauges were the ones that I requested in my kit, but he usually sells the all digital readout gauges with the kits. The oil pressure gauge has a built in warning light for low oil pressure, and you can program the high and low pressure psi limits for the light to come on. I also installed AEM gauge boots on the back of my gauges, part# 30-8444, to help keep water and dirt out of the gauges. I also use a 2.25? vinyl pipe cap to cover the face of my gauges when I am washing it. Contact Andy Mello at MelloFAB 270-246-0544 and he can help you out. He has videos on his YouTube channel, Andy Mello, of these products.

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