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    Valve Clearance Shim or Valve Issue

    Valve clearance question.

    I have a 2017 Yamaha Wolverine SE 708 with 4,700 miles on it. It has been maintained at all service intervals.
    I am checking the valve clearance as a regular maintenance interval. The machine does stall when cold every once in a while, but not every time. No running issues when at operating temperature. Cranks up good, except when it stalls, then hard to start, but it will start back up and run ok. Oil pressure good, temperature good, performed cylinder leak down test with OTC leak down gauges. It will hold both gauges at 80 psi with 0 leak down when at TDC.

    I have a service manual, and I am mechanically inclined. I lined up all of the timing marks correctly on the cam gears and the crankshaft for TDC. I checked the valve clearance, and the exhaust valve closest to the cam gear is at .001in clearance. The spec for the exhaust valves is .0087-.0126in. The other exhaust valve was in spec at .009in clearance. Both intake valves were in spec at .004in and .005in clearance. I removed the lifter from the exhaust valve that the valve clearance was not in spec, and the shim is 1.60mm or .06299in. To get the correct clearance I need a 1.35mm or .0531in shim, but the smallest shim that Yamaha offers is 1.45mm or .05709in. Do I have a valve issue, or is there any way to get a smaller shim other than the 1.45mm or .05709in?

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    I was able to find a valve shim kit from Hot Cams that goes down to 1.20mm shims. The stock Yamaha shims are 9.4615mm in diameter and the Hot Cams shims are supposed to be 9.48mm in diameter, so I am hoping they will fit with no issue.

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