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    Viking wonít crank.

    Hi everyone, new to this site as of yesterday. If I posted this wrong I apologize. I spent all night and morning scrolling threw it trying to see if anyone had a similar issue to what Iím having. Long story short, I purchased a 2014 Viking 700 off a guy for what I thought was a decent price because it supposedly only needed a new starter. Well I ordered the starter and the start relay as a kit slapped it on hopping she would fire up but nothing still. It makes one single click noise and doesnít do anything else. So I hopped on here followed the manual a bit and went threw it as best I could with my lack of knowledge on these. I read the thread that talked about faulty grounds and burnt wires, went threw the fuses and couldnít find anything obvious. My best guess is that the engine is seized, I hope itís not but it is what it is. The reason I think this is the case is because I pulled the plug and tried spinning the cam bolt and I couldnít get it to budge, I put it in gear and tried spinning the tires and still nothing. Idk if this is the correct way to test for this or not but Iím just grasping at any straw I can get ahold of. Any help would be so appreciated, I really donít know what else to do at this point.

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    hi, please contact Andy Mello 1-270-246-0544, email

    he can help you correct the issue

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    Thank you! I reached out to Andy, he pointed me to a few possibilities that Iím going to check tonight when I get home, I really appreciate it and if I find anything Iíll let you know how it ended.

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