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    Stock 700 Rhino SE which size Roller weights

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    Hello everyone

    I'm new here and have done quite a bit of reading but can't quite find the answer I'm looking for.

    I'm looking to replace my primary roller weights, for now.

    The outer roller housings are worn.
    I've read that the stock ones are 20g but these are only 15.5g, including the housings
    I'd like to put OD weights but am not sure what weight to use for my application.

    It's a stock 2008 Rhino 700 SE with 25" tires, except it has a rev box...or at least I thought it was stock until I weighed the Rollers.
    The secondary is still on but from what I can see it, there's no indication the spring has been changed.

    I took it apart to see why it wouldn't idle down unless it was in neutral.
    It has to be shut down to shift.
    The throttle isn't sticking on a free rev so I thought maybe the clutch was staying engaged.

    Once I took the primary apart I noticed the rollers.
    I cleaned and greased it a couple years ago and they were fine but are clearly worn now.
    Could my idle problem be that simple or do I have to dig deeper?

    Any help on either matter would be appreciated.

    Cheers from Eastern Canada

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    best to call JBS Performance 304-673-2602, he is the best available with Rhino performance

    White Shadow " Wolverine X2
    JBS Performance Extreme Sheave
    JBS Performance Suspension Springs
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