Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000

Same engine as the Rmax, will be available with the D-MODE (Crawl, Trail, Sport). And finally, it comes with a 10-year warranty on the drive belt.

An adjustable competition suspension kit:

The new suspension package offers maximum terrain capability with superior handling. Both front and rear, the suspension travel will be superior to what the competition offers to date. Its 12.5″ ground clearance will enable it to clear obstacles with ease.

Maxxis Bighorn 28-10-14 tires all around.

Maximum comfort:

The interior is inspired by the RMAX as a whole. Contact points are soft to the touch, and driver controls are high-end. Pads absorb contact from the knees to the center console. An all-new pocket will accommodate smartphones. Four new zones will incorporate switches for various accessories. In addition, new storage spaces have been designed for greater versatility.
Driving with confidence:

This compact chassis with a short wheelbase, combined with a high ride height, gives you confidence when driving this vehicle. Its 61-inch width is ideal for stability on all surfaces.

Elbow-friendly doors and a low dashboard height are just some of the benefits. Like the RMAX, it offers the visibility we’re looking for.

The R-SPEC version should establish itself as the base model, while the SE will offer more. The latter will come with a solid roof, automotive-style paint, WARN VRX45 winch, rear fender flares, central mirror and illuminated the interior as standard equipment.
Extending the season…

Yamaha also offers complete solid doors to complement the addition of a windshield and rear window. These doors are sure to be a must-have for the winter season. They feature interior/exterior handles, a storage pocket, tinted tempered glass and a location for speakers. What’s more, its 3-position side window provides adjustable airflow to the cabin.
A complete range of accessories.

For the moment, 25 accessories are already available from the RMAX 1000 and 16 accessories from the X2/X4 can be incorporated into the Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 2024.